I'm Cara and I watch a lot of Cake Boss. I also like to read and listen to music and look at the sky. I daydream more than anything else though.
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Dick is the lightest organ of the body you can lift it only with your thoughts

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you don’t realise how much tumblr has changed your view on things until you spend time with friends who don’t have tumblr and they say something and you’re just like


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i just wanna shake the hand of whoever cam up with the ALS ice bucket challenge. not only is it raising awareness of an important cause, i’ve also seen more damp celebrities in clinging t-shirts in the past week than i ever dreamed possible. 

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A man feeding swans and ducks from a snowy river bank in Krakow

the contrast is insane

relevant to my interests
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when boys have sleepovers do they sleep in the same bed like girls do or do the rules of no homo include sharing beds

girls always share beds. and covers and clothes and food and personal space. sometimes even bathrooms

Girls share everything.

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